Never Ending Story

My name is Indiana and this is my personal Journal.  Most of the post I publish privately as this serves as my actual journal now. I have always kept a journal since I was very young,as I grow up I see that although I have the urge to write, I hardly ever have the time to actually sit and write. I do publish public post and those too will be rather uninhibited but it’s something that I want to open up about and am open for feedback. Those of you who read and comment, if you feel like you must judge, please read again and ask questions so you won’t misjudge me. And for fun I will begin to list miscellaneous pieces of information about myself, this is updated often as it will never end, there is always something to say about oneself. 

I’m a Sagittarius in every fiber of my being

I’m also a Rabbit

My favorite color is Purple, as well as Yellow and Turquoise (mostly the stone)

I wish I was left handed, and I have been practicing on and off since I was 9 years old.

I like raw fruits and vegetables

I loooove seafood (esp sushi)

I am journeying into my gypsy spirituality

I enjoy learning languages, -Fluent in Spanish, Autodidact in Korean

I’m wanderlust and wonder lust

I’ve had my nosed pierced since I was 13 and I did it myself

Born: 1987 in December

I love to bike ride

I like motorcycles too

I prefer to drive a manual shift it’s kind of fun!

I’m a Polyamorists


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