Some “Keys to Happiness”


1. Be grateful and appreciative. Don’t take people, your health, opportunities etc for granted.

2. Choose to make the most of each day. Look for what is positive, and brings you joy.

3. Choose your friends wisely. Make sure you hang out with people who are kind, understanding, loyal, and who want the best for you.

4. Remember to live by the Golden Rule – treat other people as you’d like them to treat you.

5. Don’t wallow in self pity – but fight the powerful urge to be pessimistic and negative. Instead, believer that you’re a fighter who can cope, and turn things round.

6. Spend time doing the things you really love, and try to choose something you enjoy for a career.

7. Live in the moment – don’t let what lies ahead, or what is now behind you, deprive you of your joy.    


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